Jorge Barreno Cortés. Journalism Graduate by San Pablo CEU University, Madrid, and Documentalist and Library Science Graduate by the Zaragoza University. Audiovisual Communication Master by San Pablo CEU University and by the newspaper El Mundo, with a Diploma in International Co-operation by Alberto Hurtado University, Chile, among other studies.

I obtained several scholarships to finish my degrees in the Metropolitan University of London and in the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. Since I was a child, photography has always fascinated me. I have specialised in this field, performing several workshops, courses and degrees. In 2005, I worked as an editor and photographer in practices in the "Washington Hispanic", Washington D.C. Then, I worked as an editor and photographer in different sections of "El Mundo": Natura, Crónicas y Viajes. Since then, I habitually co-operate with 8 Leguas, travel supplement of, web page with 31 million monthly visits.

In 2007-2008 I worked in "El Adelanto de Salamanca", before starting to work as a publisher, photographer and editor in from Miami. From the United States, I covered important events such as the Haiti earthquake (January 2010), the Chile earthquake (February- March 2010) and the rescue of the 33 miners of San José (August-October 2010). Since then, I have worked in several Latin American countries and I habitually co-operate in media such as the Chile magazine "Enfoque", "Radio Universidad", Chile or "Huella Digital".

I have carried out several individual exhibitions. The most important ones are:

• Haiti continues to expect being the Kingdom of this world" in the North American Institute of Valparaíso (April 2011).

• Maypun: Experiencia Psicoeducativa en los Liceos Polivalente de Achao, Quemchi y Queilen" (2010)

• Charro Surrealism" in the exhibition hall of Aldeaduero. Salamanca. Spain (2009).

• Antipodean Moments" in the Cafe Theatre Voltaire. Zaragoza. Spain (2008).

• Lives with meaning" in the rural house La Vida de Ayer, Consuegra. Toledo. Spain (2007).

• Reflections" in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Centre San Juan Bautista. Madrid. Spain (2006), and in the Cafe Theatre Libertad 8. Madrid. Spain (2005).

In October 2010, I directed and made the documentary "Maypun: Experiencia Psicoeducativa en los Liceos Polivalente de Achao, Quemchi y Queilen" (Chiloé).